The central objective of NAREC is to develop and to put forward an applicable development and socioeconomic model and approach in the context of Nepal and other specific objectives are: to conduct research activities regarding the philosophy of public management, HR management and Development, economic development and to study the impact of public policies in the country,

♦ To help the Government to formulate and work out the suitable economic and development policies, and to draft the acts and regulation

♦ To review existing or current or prevailing economic and development policies and their aggregate impact in the economy,

♦ To review the sectoral policies such as fiscal, monetary, banking and industry

♦ To expose the ideas of professionals and experienced as well as prominent personalities regarding socio-economic development of Nepal,

♦To establish linkage and to exchange ideas with National and international organizations by sharing experiences and visit,

♦ To address the problems and issues of economic and development concern,

♦ To preserve the professional and academic activities in non-governmental level,

♦To recommend the courses of actions to Government regarding economic and development activities according to socio-economic needs of the country.

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